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    Quality is our top priority, it leads to customer's satisfaction. it is not merely a corporate slogan, it is a commitment to our customers. Established since 1987, our mission is to provide high quality plastic machinery and ancillary equipment, together with spare parts and swift after sales-service to our customers. Our motto is our promise; everyday we motivate our dedicated employees to serve professionally and promptly to provide a valued interface between our customers and the market. At AME we strongly believe that business growth comes from the invaluable support of our customers, for that we strive to maintain unparalled product quality whilst aiming to serve you above and beyond through adaptability and approachability.
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“5S” Principle

We strongly behold of “5S” principle, which is “Sales, Service, Support, Spare Parts and Stocks”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality plastic machinery and ancillary equipment, together with spare-parts and prompt after sales services to plastic processing industries at competitive price.

Well Experienced Sales and Support

We are supported by well experienced sales and technical team.

Your Needs Are Our Priority

Our sales advisors are here to listen and meet all your requirements or find a solution to any issues you may encounter.

Support and Service

Our technical team is always available to support and assist you in technical problems for prompt and efficient after-sales service.

Our Products

Hopper Dryer Granulator Dehumidifier Hopper Loaders High and Low Process Stabilized Machine Material Mixer Cabinet Dryer Material Separation Machine Proportional Valve Screw Doser Metal Separator Drawer Type Mold Rack Accessories

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Telephone No : (604) 331 6570 / 323 9536

Facsimile No : (604) 332 4577

Whatsapp Us : (6-016) 722 4646

Livemail: activemachinery@live.com

Gmail: activemachineryent@gmail.com

Email: sales@activemachineryent.com

Head Office: 24, Lorong Mak Mandin 5/3,

Kawasan Perindustrian Mak Mandin,

13400, Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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